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Feedback From Professional Fitters Feedback From Professional Fitters

Feedback From Professional Fitters

Gulvhandelen - Norway
Gulvhandelen - Norway

"Whether it's resolving squeaks, closing gaps, or fixing subfloor issues, Floor-Fix Pro offer remarkably simpler and more cost-effective solutions. Our clients include professional installers, appraisers, and even our competitors are now our customers!"

Kristoffer Solheim

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Nu-Floors - Canada
Nu-Floors - Canada

"We had an issue with a brand new installation of approximately 500 sq meters. Two weeks after install the floor began it snap like a bowl of rice Krispies. We applied Click Lube and Groove Gasket and now the sounds are all gone! These products saved us a very expensive redo of approximately $10,000.00 . Very very pleased"

Doug Cannell

Tegelgereedschapshop- Netherlands
Tegelgereedschapshop- Netherlands

"Floor-Fix Pro has become a top seller, thanks to our customers' enthusiasm for its performance. Its ease of use and the exceptional results it delivers have garnered widespread acclaim. Particularly noteworthy is the precision tip, which our customers find especially beneficial."

Ferniand Vos

Duri  - Norway
Duri - Norway

"Floor-Fix Pro's products are quickly increasing in popularity her in Norway due to their effectiveness and quality. Our customers are amazed by these innovative and unique products and we are proud to have the Floor-Fix products in our store.”

Jason Harral

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Saving Floors And Reducing Waste


Floor-Fix Pro promotes sustainability by preventing the unnecessary removal and disposal of otherwise good floors. Every day thousands of new or nearly new floors are thrown out due to excessive creaking or improper installation.

Reduce Landfill

Every year, one hundred million used sealant cartridges end up in UK landfills. All of Floor-Fix Pro's products come with air tight caps and Anti-Clog caps where necessary, ensuring that our products are reliable and do not dry out prematurely/.

Safe For The Home

Online hacks for fixing floors can introduce harmful chemicals into your home and turn it into a firetrap. None of our products use solvents, oils, PTFE or any flammable substances. Everything we make is 100% safe to use in the home.