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New website, new products!


We are pleased to finally reveal our new products and our new site! You may have been diverted here from our old Stop Creak site, and you might be wondering where Stop Creak has got to?

Well, Stop Creak was a fantastic product that saved many customers and contractors time, money and the headache normally associated with squeaky floors. To date, Stop Creak in over 30 countries around the world and Stop Creak is still going to be available through Home Depot in the United States for a few months yet.

However, we have never stopped trying to get better results for our customers, and so we have spent the past four years busily working on new products and improving the ones we already have. 

You will see that we now have three products that fix creaky floors, and we can now help customers with Squeaky Tongue & Groove floors and glued down wood floors. We have unique tile repair products too which can fix tiled floor in less than half the time of competitive products,  and we even have a floor gap repair too to make this tedious repair as easy as pie.

If you came here looking for Stop Creak, then Click Lube is its direct replacement, however, we recommend buying our Squeaky Floor Starter kit so that you can try Groove Gasket and Click Lube together. We have found that  the most effective way to fix a grooved wood or laminate floor is to try both products and buy more of whichever one works.

Ultimately, these new products are all designed to increase our success in silencing your squeaky floors and provide customers with different floor types the same opportunity to save themselves the thousands of pounds (or dollars) with our products.

We now have operations both in the UK and US, and we are proud to sell our products through major retailers like Home Depot.

We will continue to innovate and push boundaries with our products, and we hope you will sign up to our newsletter and join us on this journey.