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How Do I Stop My Stairs Squeaking?

How Do I Stop My Stairs Squeaking?

Squeaky stairs can be a nuisance in any home, disrupting peace with every step. If you've been wondering, "how do I stop my stairs from squeaking?" Look no further. Stop Squeak by Floor-Fix Pro is the innovative solution you need to silence those pesky sounds.

Introducing Stop Squeak: The End of Squeaky Stairs

Stop Squeak is designed to tackle the problem from the root, fixing squeaky stairs efficiently whether they are carpeted or not. Its unique approach utilizes specially crafted scored screws, engineered to break off mm below the stair riser surface. This feature ensures a tight fit without any protrusion that could cause further issues.

The Dual-Thread Technology

What makes Stop Squeak truly special is its dual-thread screw design. With threads of two different sizes, these screws are capable of pulling the stair riser close to the main supporting structure. This not only secures the riser but also reinforces the entire stair structure, ensuring that any movements do not result in those irritating squeaking sounds.

Easy Installation with Depth Control Tools

Floor-Fix Pro understands that different types of flooring require different approaches. That's why the Stop Squeak kit includes two depth control tools - one for carpeted floors and stairs, and another for hardwood floors and laminate. These tools are instrumental in ensuring that each screw is driven to the precise depth, breaking off exactly mm under the riser surface, thus guaranteeing a secure and silent fix.

Carpet-Friendly Solution

For those concerned about damaging their carpets, Stop Squeak has you covered. The screws are coated with a metallic coating to prevent snagging, so even loop pile carpets can remain untouched during the repair process. This thoughtful detail means you can fix the stairs without the additional hassle of removing and reinstalling your carpet.

Why Stop Squeak is the Answer to Your Squeaky Stairs

  • Versatile: Works on stairs with or without carpets.
  • Innovative Design: Scored screws with dual-thread technology for a secure fix.
  • User-Friendly: Comes with depth control tools for easy installation.
  • Carpet-Safe: Metallic coating on screws prevents damage to carpets.


No more tiptoeing around the problem of squeaky stairs. With Stop Squeak, you can confidently stride up and down your stairs without a sound. This product is not just a quick fix; it's a long-term solution to "stop my stairs from squeaking" once and for all. Embrace the silence in your home with Stop Squeak by Floor-Fix Pro